Looking for unique gifts for your clients or employees?

Your choice of corporate gifts speak volumes to your business associates about your values of acceptance, generosity, and opportunity.

Corporate gifts is the perfect way to show appreciation and stay on your client’s mind. Carefully timed and appropriate gifts not only make people feel appreciated for their performance, they also increase the chances people will feel good about going the extra mile in the future. Corporate gift giving is a form of marketing, branding, customer service, and employee recognition that is time honored and can certainly help to create loyalty.

Long lasting and personalized gift collection of Kurumsal Hediyelik will increase the chance of your client remembering your kindness long after the gift is given and increasing your client and employee loyalty. Kurumsal Hediyelik is specialized in personalized corporate & business gifts and provides a great selection of unique handmade gifts and traditional & natural food sets. Our collection of corporate and business gifts consists of coffee and tea sets, copper and glass arts, custom design wooden boxes, Ottoman tiles art, traditional hammam sets, natural delights, olive oil sets and various other unique products. For unique gifts, we can create custom made products by using various techniques and offer our clients a wide variety of services.

Kurumsal Hediyelik was established 35 years ago in Istanbul, with the idea, principle and main focus on highest level of customer satisfaction and service to our esteemed Business Customers.

We are dedicated to providing innovative marketing solutions for our clients .

As the leading manufacturer & supplier in Turkey, we do meet the major part of the demand in the market for corporate & busines gifts and give a full service starting from designing to packaging.

We are happy to announce that throughout the years we have been producing corporate gifts for several big national and international companies from Europe, USA and Middle East.

Our success derives from a deep understanding of our clients, to whom all of Kurumsal Hediyelik is committed to deliver exceptional service and value.

We insist on excellence in all we do for our Clients .